In the massage chair race, there are thousands of massage chairs available and each one becomes more revolutionary as the years pass. This is especially true when it comes to DrRecommendation’s Massage Chairs. What’s extremely exciting about the next version of massage chairs by them is that they are including concepts in their line of chairs which are game changing.


The Medical Breakthrough Concept 1 massage chair looks very futuristic. Once it is developed it will completely change the industry. DrRecommendations.com said 2 years ago that they were building a concept massage chair, and now they have pictures for us to prove it. We waited a long time but it was worth the wait because their concept massage chair is a head turner. As always, they are still far from producing it because they are chiropractors and doctors; they like to take forever making the chair. But when it comes out, though, we do expect it to be the best thing the world has ever seen.

There is good news. From  an insider, we were able to get some pictures that were leaked out from its development stages. In these exclusive images from DrRecommendations.com, you can see some of the early concept work on this insane new chair.

This concept looks like something completely out of the future or a sci-fi novel and it seems as though breakthrough is creating a massage experience that’s completely immersive. Like Medical Breakthrough chairs before, this concept is bound to have some type of audio and visual experience. This concept massage chair is likely to have many more points of articulation and with its futuristic design, it seems once it comes out there will be long lines to buy one.

This secret leak was most likely a mistake as Breakthrough is known for being highly secretive during its design concept stages, since many of their competitors love to try and copy their chairs. This chair is going to be very exciting when it comes out and hopefully, we will be able to intercept some new leaked information as soon as it’s available in order to provide some real specifications on this new concept.

If you are looking for the best massage chair brand in the world, the apple of all massage chairs… I recommend checking out DrRecommendations.com. Check back often for new updates on this leaked secret from DrRecommendations, we will be updating it the minute we get any new information.